From humble beginnings, they say, come great things...

Way back in the late 1970s, a group of actors from various local theatre companies and drama clubs met regularly in The Strand Hotel and, after much discussion, decided that a new Theatre Group was needed for Bray. "Well," said one wise observer. "Looks like we're back at Square One." 
And from this chance remark, Bray's oldest and most prolific theatre group was born.

With the support its management and staff Square One spent many years producing theatre at Colaiste Raithin in Bray. Then in 2002 The Mermaid Arts centre opened in the town, determined to make a splash in the artistic and cultural life of County Wicklow.  This afforded the group an opportunity to spread its wings and since then the group has taken flight. The theatre serves a population of 115,000 people from Bray and its surrounds and Square One productions have been part of its programme from the beginning. The Mermaid Theatre has become “home” to the group and we love working with the wonderful team at the venue. 

The group produces two three act plays each year (one in the spring and one in the autumn), one act plays and various showcase events for members and "Friends". The group comprises of talented actors, directors, backstage people, dressmakers, costumers, make up people, techies, artists, designers, PR & marketing people and many many more who give of their time and talents free of charge for, as we say, "the good of the group".

Square One Theatre Group is very much about people.  We welcome newcomers and there is a broad age range from 18 to 70+.  The group succeeds because of the loyalty and hard work of its members and the various committees to which they belong.

Our Social committee - the party people- organize our various social activities which include the Christmas drinks, after-show parties, our annual fancy dress Bar-B-Q, our annual walk and other nights out. Social activities are very much a part of the group, having fun together in a relaxed athsmophere brings everyone together and is great for team spirit. 

The Artisitic committee constantly reads and reviews plays and works with directors to choose plays that are both suited to the group dynamic and which will be of interest ot our audiences.  They also organise in-house showcase events which give members the opportunity to direct a theatrical piece, play a long wished for part or try out a piece they may have written themselves.. 

The PR & Marketing committee has grown in size over the past few years to combat the challenges of the recent downturn in the economy and to keep up with changing trends in the area of advertising.  They are a very hardworking team of peope who get the word out about our productions to regular and new audiences in our catchment area. 

And finally, our main committee, a group of five people who take on board the challenges associated with the running of such a successful theatre group. They look afer our finances, liase with the various sub committees, respond to member requests and suggestions, document everything that goes on and they take lots and lots of phone calls, send lots of e-mails and are always on call.

BUT - above all Square One Theatre Group loves performance, plays, playwrights and all things associated with the world of theatre.  The group is successful because of the commitment of its members and because our audiences are loyal and amazing.

Thanks everyone for making it such a success!!